2018 CFFQ Sponsors

No event like this would ever exist without the generosity, integrity and the interest to support a “good thing” coming from those who have contributed.

In this particular case a feeling of belonging and a pitch of patriotism perhaps have resulted in fantastic support and partnership with the following companies, firms and organisations who we can only applaud for playing their important part.

The main and huge thank you goes to RONA a. s. – the amazing fine art glass-making company from Slovakia, from whose glasses you will taste beautiful Mt Rosa wines during the opening night.

The RONA owners (a team of 5 gentlemen) have spent a couple of weeks travelling New Zealand with me as their guide and became increasingly excited over the project. Thank you guys for believing in the idea!

Next, a thank you to the lovely & efficient new Consul General of the Czech Republic in Sydney , Ms Hana Flanderova (representing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic) whose support became crucial in covering the royalty fees of the particular movies...

A very special thank you deserves to go to Samantha – the very cooperative and accommodating Manager of Dorothy Browns Cinema. All the extras I hesitated to ask for – were suggested by her and realised!

Guy, Ann and Edita of Mt Rosa Wines – thank you for your warm approach and advice, I am sure everyone will indulge in your lovely wine!

Similarly, the irreplaceable taste of Pilsner Urquell – there is no better synonym to the Czech Republic than our exquisite beer – how great to have you available here in New Zealand, even on tap!!!

To present the complete list of our supporters below is the minimum I can do for every one of you...