Wasteland (Pustina, 2016)

Directed by: Alice Nellis, Ivan Zachariáš

Written by: Štěpán Hulík

Starring: Zuzana Stivínová, Jaroslav Dušek, Eliška Krenková, Eva Holubová, petra Špalková


Czech Republic, 2018, 92min (HBO Europe)

Saturday 20/10 @ 9am

8 mini episodes screening as MOVIE MARATHON from 9am


Believe or not, the awesome Jaroslav Dušek is coming to New Zealand AGAIN to personally introduce the SOUTH HEMISPHERE PREMIERE of the grippy Czech HBO miniserie PUSTINA / WASTELAND.

We think this is the Czech sister-series of Jane Campion's Top of the Lake!

The series stars Zuzana Stivinova as the mayor of a small Czech town which is being bought up and razed by a coal mining company, leading to conflict between residents who want to preserve their traditional life and those who want to take the money and build a better life elsewhere. When the mayor's daughter disappears, however, what appears to be an attempt to silence her opposition to the coal mines may in fact reveal even deeper layers of political intrigue.

Winner of the Czech Lion Award for Best Television Drama Series will be screening on Saturday the 20th October as a full-day movie MARATHON with 8x 1hour-long episodes and intermissions, where Jaroslav Dušek will share his stories with the audience...

Pls note: the admission includes traditional Czech goulash for lunch...

Tickets for this event are selling via iTicket