Wilder Than Wilderness (Planeta Česko, 2018)


Czech Republic, 2018, 90min

Directed by: Marián Polák

Written by: Marián Polák, Marek Sklář, Jan Hošek

Starring: Kryštof Hádek (narration)

Monday 15/10 @ 9pm

A BBC-style expedition into the Czech countryside reveals the adventurous stories of plants and animals that take place all around us, and explores fascinating places where nature is returning after being stolen by man.

Within the environment of dense woods gobbled up by the bark beetle, open cast brown coal mines, or former army training ranges one finds paradoxically a true tale of an impregnable wild countryside. Just beyond our backyards we see everyday dramas of animals and plants. The film is based on collection of photo documentary from a two years expedition in order to explore central European wildlife.

Totally fasctinating and a world-class nature documentary.